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Screen Printing

The Silkworm name came from the term silk screen when screens were made from silk. Ingenious! But these days the “silk” is actually a mono-filament polyester. Screen printing is one of the most common application techniques for custom apparel and products which is why we have heavily invested in the best practices and equipment to produce the best quality and meet the growing demand. This technique is ideal for bold and graphic designs and an absolute essential in the promotional products and custom apparel world. Today and each day we receive new products to help you make a statement. Being able to help our clients choose, decorate and design products is one of the greatest parts of our job.

  • More Flexible than Conventional Printing Techniques
  • Screen Print on Ceramic Objects, Metal, Wood, Paper, Glass, and Synthetic Items
  • Great for Printing Special Effect Graphics 
  • Cost Effective for Small and Very Large Orders

“I can’t tell you how amazing Silkworm has been to work with. You and your team are truly amazing. I am sure you know this already, but I wish you could hear the “ooo’s” and “aaah’s” from the people who got their shirts yesterday. Some of them mentioned how happy they were with the shirts. These shirts are not only for a good cause, they are quality made, well-printed shirts. I’m very proud of them, and you guys should be, too. Well done on the shirts! I can’t wait to see these things everywhere!” ~Amy Maness 



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