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All signs point to yes. How many times have you tried a new business, checked into and event, affiliation or person because of a sign you saw? Signs work! Signage is important as it acts like a guide to attract customers or create awareness for your brand or cause. Our designers can create neat, bold designs that convey your brand, your standards, your differentiation. Pictures of your business’ signage also creates a sense of familiarity so that when people visit they feel more comfortable. 

  • Create Awareness for Your Business
  • Attract More Traffic
  • Appeal to New Potential Customers and Advocates
  • Be Mobile by Moving Your Signs and Expand your Physical Territory
  • Get Creative and Push Web Traffic by QR Codes and URL’s
  • Advertise New Services or Information

“Cheryl and all the Silkworm team are always great to work with!  Here at AMI, you see Silkworm products everywhere you look.  Being a Japanese company, sometimes our requests are a little out of the norm.  That has never been a problem—I simply tell Cheryl what I need and she makes it happen.  From shirts and jackets to signs and banners, we have it and Silkworm has produced it all.  They have always gone above and beyond for us!” -Cheri Romonosky, Human Development, Aisin Mfg. Illinois, LLC



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