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Employee Spotlight on Jess Carr


Nov 20, 2014 Employee Spotlight , , , , , , Comments are off

Jess“If I could be any celebrity, I would be Chelsea Handler,” says Jess Carr. Jess is a graphic designer at Silkworm, creating artwork for customer orders. Being able to take an idea or words and turn them into pieces of art that last is something that all of our artists treat with the highest level of care and detail.

The design process at Silkworm is a feature that inspires our high quality work. Instead of stock artwork, the art department creates one-of-a-kind work that promotes your business or event. Our designers take the time to design unique artwork. One of Silkworm’s greatest assets are our designers and their ability to take a rough concept and create memorable impressions for your company and event. In fact, our customers rave about the design process all the time. Our artists take great pride in the designs they create and provide options to each and every design.

“You tell the story,” says Jess “we just tell it in a cool design.”

Being a locally-owned company, Jess is able to do what she loves while being active in her community. In her spare time, she volunteers for the Big Muddy Monster Brewfest that supports Friends of Murphysboro. Silkworm’s mission is to give back to the communities we serve and it’s become something the company and our employees are known for.  “Being engaged in the community and having Silkworm behind community events is one of my favorite things,” says Jess  “it’s is one of our greatest commitments as a company.”

“We all have made great memories of events we have at the worm,” says Jess “it’s like a big group of friends.”

Silkworm embraces each team member as an individual and inspires our wormers to be who they want to be. “We have a lot of fun around here,” says Jess ” in fact we have something called snaughling.” Snaughling is a unique form of art that is defined as; Laughing so hard you snort, then laugh because you snorted, then snort because you laughed.

We have a lot of fun around Silkworm, but don’t get the wrong idea.

“We are very serious about our designs and delivering the best to our customers,” says Jess “we are artists after all.”

No matter the department, no matter the employee title, everyone at Silkworm has a voice and every month we will bring you a new employee spotlight, you may laugh, you may cry, you may learn something. The personalities within our building are big and bold, but our mission is all the same; providing the very best service to our customers, every day.