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Trending Now: Screen Printing


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Trending Now: Screen Printing

At Silkworm we do a lot. To help our customers find the best solution to their custom apparel and promotional needs we created our “Trending Now” article. Trending Now comes directly from our sales and production teams to keep you informed and provide ideas to make your first impression last.

Sorry to bore you with the technicalities of the printing process but with all the options out there we want to help you make the right, most cost effective decision. Screen-printing is hands down the best quality, most cost effective and versatile printing technique from a few dozen shirts to thousands of shirts. Another highly recognized technique is digitally printed heat transfer.

Screen-printing is a printing technique that uses a fabric screen mesh and frame to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. A squeegee is dragged along the screen with one ink color at a time to create images that can be bold or highly detailed. This process allows the ink to be directly deposited into and onto the fabric resulting in a strong permanent bond. The print quality can range from strong durable athletic printing to very soft breathable fashion friendly hand.

“Screen-printed apparel has a soft feel that doesn’t feel stiff or heavy,” says Account Executive Jason Nugent “screen-printing allows for a flexible print that can breathe which is far more comfortable.”

Digital Heat transfer printing has gained a lot of traction for low cost, low quantity orders. Digital Heat transfer is a technique that uses a large format printer to create the design with a solvent-based ink, cut out and heat pressed on. Many new Pop up companies are putting out heat transfers like hot cakes so why does Silkworm use screen-printing?

In short Silkworm uses screen-printing for these major reasons;
• The ink is directly deposited into and onto the fabric resulting in a strong permanent bond.
• The process allows for printing specialty inks like glitter, neons, puffs, glow in the dark and much more.
• The process allows for bright prints on all colors
• The screen process creates a crisp, clean and precise final image.
• The print quality can range from strong durable athletic printing to very soft breathable fashion friendly hand.
• Allows for significant price advantage in modest to high quantities

“Nothing beats the quality of screen-printing.” Account Executive, Mike Bergman

What’s Trending Now in Screen-Printing at Silkworm

Our sales team has been hard at work providing the best options for our customers. In screen-printing we have been busy with team uniforms, tournament apparel, special campaigns, safety programs, and school organizations.

The flexibility of screen-printed designs is great for uniforms.

“Our new lines of performance and soft style apparel are a perfect fit for screen-printed designs” says Account Executive Marialice Jenkins “we have been receiving a lot of requests from schools and organizations for uniforms and tournament apparel especially with our quick turnaround times.”

Greek organizations have also been prepping for events with our new lines of special fit apparel and wide variety of bright colors.

“Sororities and Fraternities have been especially active in ordering with our specialty print options and designer apparel options” says Account Executive, Kimmee Needham “it’s fun finding new designers to fit the personalities of our customers.”

Special Programs are taking advantage of the awesome pricing for large quantity screen-printed products. One of the programs Silkworm offers with this competitive pricing program is for corporate safety programs.

“We started offering custom safety apparel and products to help our customers encourage safe working conditions and practices,” says VP Sales and Marketing, Cheryl Endres “our customers that have participated have seen a decrease in workers comp. Premiums, accident reports and an increased morale.”

For Silkworm, screen-printing is the obvious choice because it built our reputation of providing the highest quality customized products. The screen-printing process is without a doubt more complex as it involves exact pressures, specialized inks and heat curing but the results are the highest quality prints and that’s the Silkworm Promise.