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Employee Spotlight: Ryan Ehlers


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Ryan-SpotlightRyan Ehlers, the production manager at Silkworm, says “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry describes his work ethic best.  At Silkworm we encourage all departments to work hard and to enjoy themselves while doing the job correctly and efficiently.

Ryan’s primary job function is to make the sure orders get finished in a timely manner.  Each shirt is important to Ryan.  He prides himself on working for a company that focuses on quality inspections from start to finish.  One of production team’s finest assets is being able to take a multi-colored design and create perfect printing for any occasion.

Whether your order is 12 pieces or 1,000 pieces, our production team is up for any challenge!  Silkworm can screen print anything that will lay flat; from apparel to table covers.

Silkworm’s printing process is unlike any other.  Instead of having a machine that prints products in bulk, our production team personally screen prints each individual product.  The team has a special eye for detail and they treat each item with care.  Ryan and the team are vital in the process, ensuring great quality for every customer.

When problems arise, Silkworm is always able to turn negatives into positives.

“We accept that problems will arise,” says Ehlers “but we are ready to fix them and make sure they don’t happen again.”

The Silkworm way makes sure that the customer is taken care of and that they are astounded by great customer service.

“We are prepared for problems,” says Ehlers “we know how to handle them correctly and get the job done right!”

Ryan has been working at Silkworm for 17 years, where he has been heavily involved in the Silkworm culture.  Silkworm believes in a laid-back environment.  Creativity, individuality and teamwork are welcomed on a daily basis.  Silkworm is able to relate to the masses because we value our employee’s unique personalities and encourage wormers to be themselves.  Ryan’s personality is no exception.

Ehlers’ favorite memory at Silkworm occurred when he and fellow wormers played in the Bocce Ball Tournaments at the Apple Festival.

“We have a lot of fun kicking- back and enjoying events in the community,” says Ehlers “ I love how all of us are friends, not only at work, but outside of work.”

Many Silkworm employees participate in many events around the region such as the River to River Relay and Making Strides.  The mission is to be deeply involved in the community and the culture. Our company is known for being engaged in the community and creating relationships with locals.

“If you’re not first, you’re last” said by Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) in Talladega Nights, is Ryan’s life motto.  Ryan’s vibrant personality works perfectly with Silkworm values.  He is able to translate his life motto into his work.

“Everyone at Silkworm brings such diversity,” says Ehlers “It’s a great place to grow as a worker and an employee.”

Silkworm’s main goal is to deliver quality orders, on time with great customer service and our dedicated wormers work hard each and every day to ensure that promise.