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Trending Now: Safety Programs


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Trending Now: Safety Programs

Creating awareness and branding your business through custom apparel and promotional items is what Silkworm is known for. What people don’t know is how far our services can take your business. Our goal has always been providing quality custom products to promote your cause and we have gotten heavily involved in many incentive programs to promote specific goals with our customers.

Silkworm started working with organizations to promote causes such as safe driving, anti-drug and alcohol, seatbelt, motorcycle safety, USA Made and many more campaigns before creating our custom Safety Program service.

“Our safety programs help our clients create an incentive based program to reward employees with custom apparel and promotional items,” says Silkworm V.P. Cheryl Endres “these programs not only create awareness to safety procedures but also motivate employees and reinforce your commitment to safety.”

Chances are, you have seen a custom branded safety shirt, jacket or hat in the area as we have grown the program tremendously.

“We started by providing custom apparel and traditional awards for campaigns and now we are providing products such as emergency kits, gear, high end safety apparel and so much more,” says Account Coordinator Racheal Hannel “we have even started creating online stores for clients that feature customized safety gear.”

There are many of benefits of promoting and maintaining a safe work environment, but first and foremost, safety is about what you can do to protect your workers. A safe work environment boosts employee morale, which, in turn, increases  efficiency, productivity and profit margins. Implementing a safety program is a cost-effective decision for any company or organization.


What’s trending Now in Safety Programs at Silkworm

Our sales team has been searching through thousands of products to help find the best incentive products for your safety campaigns.

“We have been working closely on campaigns for schools to promote safe driving for teens,” says Account Executive Marialice Jenkins “we have some cool products that prevent texting and driving, we’ve been doing a lot to promote wearing seatbelts and are currently doing some custom apparel and promotional items for anti-bullying campaigns.”


“Now is the time when many companies are launching their new year safety programs so we’ve been working on custom branded safety apparel such as jackets, sweatshirts, hats and gear,” says Account Coordinator Alexis Stallman “we are now getting special incentive requests for employee recognition and doing custom gifts ranging from your everyday safety product such as a flashlight to pocket knives, cutting boards, coolers and some very cool products.”


“My team works directly with Unions and we have been doing campaigns to promote safety for many years,” says Account Executive Mike Bergman “we have a ton of USA made products to reward and encourage safe policies.”

Promote your dedication to a safe work environment and help protect your company’s reputation with custom safety program apparel and gear.