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Customer Spotlight: E.T. Simonds


Feb 23, 2015 Customer Spotlight Comments are off

E.T. Simonds

Laura Wilson, Human Resources Manager at E.T. Simonds is a proud supporter of Silkworm, Inc.

E.T. Simonds Construction is a heavy highway and bridge building company that does commercial and private asphalt work. E.T. Simonds has around 75 full time employees and average an additional 300 seasonal workers during the summer months.

E.T. Simonds is located in Carbondale but their work area stretches from 1-64 south and river to river in Illinois. E.T. Simonds has been a customer of Silkworm for 20 years and Silkworm is their go-to resource for Employee Incentive items.

Silkworm has been helping E.T. Simonds promote safe work environments, raise awareness of safety guidelines, motivate employees to put safety first and encourage employees with incentives to reach safety goals. Silkworm has helped E.T. Simonds choose the right items for safety programs and deliver them as needed.

E.T. Simonds’ safety incentive program has been well received by its employees.

“Our safety programs have built company loyalty,” says Laura “we have seen a decrease in accidents and injuries since we began the programs.”

Because of a strong safety program, E.T. Simonds has been able to save in workman’s compensation insurance costs and draw more attention to safety rules.

 “It is very clear that our employees keep track of their progress and know when incentives are due,” says Laura “they are very enthusiastic about getting their items.”

E.T. Simonds orders a wide variety of products for their safety programs from Silkworm, from sweatshirts and jackets to pocketknives and coffee mugs. Silkworm offers hats, coolers, multi-tools, lights, dress shirts and tumblers amongst hundreds of items to boost safety awareness.

Laura and E.T. Simonds continue to do business with Silkworm because of its reliability and quality.

“Silkworm is locally owned, provides great customer service and high quality products,” says Laura “I am sure that the products will be done correctly, look great and be delivered on time.”

Laura’s kind words go along with Silkworm’s mantra, Quality orders, on time with awesome customer service.

The flexibility of Silkworm’s re-ordering process is important and convenient for E.T. Simonds.

“If we need product for new campaigns,” Laura states, “the art department always does a great job with designing items/logos to fit our needs.”

Laura and the team appreciate Silkworm’s ability to direct ship incentive items directly to their employees at their home addresses. This is a great option and saves Laura many hours of time. The way Silkworm takes care of its customers makes people want to continue to do business with us.

From initial ordering to the delivery, Laura and the E.T. Simonds team continue to be amazed at how easy it is to get quality products and how Silkworm employees are always pleasant and easy to work with.

To learn more about E.T. Simonds visit their website at www.etsimonds.com. To learn more about Silkworm’s workplace safety programs click here.