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Employee Spotlight: Chi Robinson


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Chi Robinson, the Art Director and Art Team Leader at Silkworm oversees department projects and schedules daily art that comes through the art department. She writes clear and precise performance standards that assists the high quality of work at Silkworm. The standard is held high to assure great customer service.

Chi oversees the designers and reviews their daily schedule to ensure a proper work load. Chi is a designer herself, working as a Mac technician as well.

 “I started working at Silkworm in May of 1996,” said Chi “I have been with the company for over 18 years.”

Chi is a resident of Murphysboro and always knew about the business while her brother has known Bob Chambers, President, for years.

When Chi graduated college she searched for a design position and Silkworm made a great impression so she landed her spot as a wormer. Silkworm strives to be one of the best places to work in Southern Illinois.

“I knew Silkworm would be a great fit because the high standards line up with the standards I hold for myself,” said Chi “I think it says a lot about Silkworm to keep its employees happy and excited about their work for so long.”

Chi loves the fact that she gets to work on different projects every day.

“Silkworm has so many different types of customers that it makes it very easy to enjoy each day of working,” says Chi “I’m fond of the new challenges that arise daily and I’m able to find perfect design solutions.”

Silkworm is a company that does not stray away from the problems. Silkworm takes them on full-force with the hopes of fixing the problems and ensuring that it does not occur again.

“We don’t claim to be perfect, but we try every day to make sure there are no reoccurring problems for the customers” says Chi.

Another exciting feature of Chi’s job is getting to see the creative artwork that the other designers create for the customers.

 “The artists here are amazing!” says Chi “They are able to take a concept and make the customer’s story come to life!”

Silkworm wants its employees to be passionate about what they do. From Silkworm’s involvement in the community and their employee morale builders, Silkworm keeps its employees happy!

Chi’s favorite Silkworm memory took place at the accounting family feast.

“Years ago, we would have an interdepartmental contest where the ‘golden spatula’ was at stake,” said Chi “we all dressed up in medieval outfits. We got a whole pig and put an apple in its mouth. It was epic!”

Silkworm strives to keep the work environment light while keeping customers happy with orders delivered on time.

In her free time, Chi enjoys reading, watching movies and going to the local wineries.