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Fundraising with promotional items and custom t-shirts is a great way to get your event noticed and encourage participation through incentives.

You have the cause; you have a goal and the excitement and anticipation of reaching that goal. The idea is always easier than the implementation so we’ve gathered some tips to help you plan and implement for a successful fundraiser.

Silkworm has been involved in helping groups and organizations with successful fundraisers by providing custom apparel and promotional products since the day we opened our doors in 1981.

Planning is absolutely crucial to a successful campaign. You should start researching for your campaign four to six months in advance.

What type of fundraiser will attract the most participants and can be achieved by your staff/volunteers in your geographical area? You want to have fun, gain attention for your cause and draw in participants. We have provided items for golf tournaments, auctions, casino nights, car shows, conferences, poker runs, galas and dinner events, trivia nights, food sales, raffles, community yard sales, walk/runs and many more events from the creative minds of our customers.

What venue will you use and when?  Location is key to a successful fundraiser. If you are having an event at a venue you will want to think about having it at a nice place that the general public doesn’t get to experience often to capture excitement. If you are having drop off’s or pick up’s for your cause and have several locations make certain the locations are easily accessible, high traffic areas that fit in with the overall theme of your campaign. It is important to set the date and venue before planning in depth, as you will be competing with other organizations and individuals looking for great venues.

Will you have sponsors? Most events will benefit from at least one sponsor. Sponsors can help with the expenses, advertising and expanding your reach. Start talking with local businesses and ask your participants if they want to be involved. Businesses are usually very kind in offering support as it provides advertising for them, but, you will need to contact most businesses before their annual budgets are set for more success in gaining sponsorships.

 What are you going to giveaway? Giveaway items provide incentives, create additional advertising and awareness, get people excited and help create memories. People look forward to bringing home their giveaways like souvenirs from vacations. The more fun stuff you have the more likely your event will be a success. Be creative and customize the prizes to match the overall theme of your fundraiser or event.

Should you sell merchandise? Selling merchandise is a great way to spur some funds. It’s important to price your items in an affordable range. Our recommendation for fundraiser t-shirts is under $20. If you price things too high you limit your buyers. Think about selling online to widen your reach.

What about food? People need to eat no matter what time your event is, having food is important. Nothing will run people off faster than an empty stomach. Local area restaurants are perfect prospects to approach to cater your event as it helps them get publicity and get people to try their food. Remember, you want quality food so don’t settle because it’s free, people like GOOD food.

Who will volunteer? Volunteers are important to organize, set up and assist in the actual event. Start with your organization, friends, colleagues, family members and sponsors. Use social media to help get your message out, gather interest, gain volunteers and get people involved.

So what is Trending for Fundraisers?

Sales Executive, Lucas Olson says that he has been working with many customers with fundraisers for different causes and organizations.

 “We are delivering a lot of t-shirts,” says Lucas “silicone bracelets are really big for fundraisers right now.”


“We have been seeing many groups stepping out of the box for incentive items recently,” says Account Coordinator Jackie Wright “I’ve found some awesome new products from tailgate blankets to can huggers, decals and coolers.”


 “Many people don’t realize that we do online stores to help boost fundraising efforts,” says Special Projects and Senior Account Coordinator Racheal Hannel “temporary online stores are a great way to expand your reach.”


“We really are a one-stop shop for events and fundraisers,” says Account Coordinator Alexis Stallman “we have apparel, promotional items, banners, signs, event display items, tents, everything you need for a great event.”


“One of the most important things to remember when doing a t-shirt fundraiser is to price your shirts to sell,” says VP Cheryl Endres “a good price range for fundraiser tees ranges from $10-$15.”

What do our customers say?

“SIU Carbondale began an initiative to “Start Seeing Pink” – a campaign to bring breast cancer awareness to campus and raise money for a new scholarship called the Saluki Strength Breast Cancer Scholarship Fund. As part of our efforts, we worked with Silkworm to use apparel sales as a fundraiser by using their temporary online store. The online store was set up quickly and was easy to use by those purchasing our “Saluki Pink” apparel. Items were ordered and paid for online by each individual, then items were picked up by the customers from one convenient location on campus after online sales closed. The outcome was great – we had a total of $3,862 in sales our first year and we certainly look forward to using the convenience and worry-free option of Silkworm’s online store next year.” -Beth Alongi


“The shirts were absolutely amazing and the Banner made the event look more official! We had a little over 220 participants which is almost 50 more than we had last year. The event would not have been as successful without your help. I will be sending another email soon with some pictures from the event for you to see once they are up. This is an event we plan to have every year and next year will hopefully be even bigger! Thanks for your support.” -Ryan E. McKennedy, Race Director, Run to Remember

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