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Customer Spotlight: American Cancer Society


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The American Cancer Society has worked relentlessly to help people who are affected by cancer. The American Cancer Society is not only for those with the disease, but is for those who are indirectly affected by cancer.

Before working for the American Cancer Society, Ian Reinhart had little fundraising background.   He is now the Community Manager for the four Relay For Life events throughout Southern Illinois.

Relay For Life is a special way to raise awareness and generate funds for cancer research. ACS allows friends and supporters to celebrate the survivors, remember those who lost their lives and take action against the disease.

In recent months, the American Cancer Society raised $2,332 for the Perry County Relay For Life in a relatively short amount of time.  Silkworm is proud to support ACS in their fundraising efforts.

You can learn more about the American Cancer Society as well as find ways to get involved at http://www.cancer.org/

Ian and his team, work hard to fight the battle against cancer in Southern Illinois.

“My volunteers and I put on four Relays throughout Southern Illinois;” says Ian, “However, we do a lot of fundraising leading up to those events as well.”

The American Cancer Society has worked with Silkworm on several fundraising projects, but Ian just started working with Silkworm this past year.

“I had heard great things about Silkworm from other staff members,” Ian states, “I really needed some guidance on the specific project I was working on. Silkworm took some time to talk to me about my best options and really coached me through the entire process.”

At Silkworm, we want to not only meet but to exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe in creating advocates and working together to serve the community.

Ian’s favorite part of the ordering experience is Silkworm’s willingness to correspond and meet his individual needs. Ian says he will definitely encourage his volunteers to work with Silkworm in the future.

Silkworm recently worked with Ian on the Black Out Cancer fundraiser for a few High School basketball games in the area.

“For the short amount of time we had to put the project together,” says Ian, “I’d say it was a GREAT success.”

“When working with Silkworm,” Ian says “the process was simple and the service was friendly and informational.”

Ian’s advice in beginning the fundraising process is to let the professionals guide you at first.

“When I first called Silkworm, we had an idea of what we wanted to do,” says Ian, “but they offered suggestions and tips that really maximized our efforts! Great experience!”

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