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Customer Spotlight: This Able Veteran


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Carbondale, IL local This Able Veteran, has been a customer of Silkworm since 2011, ordering custom apparel for their many fundraising events solely from Silkworm throughout the year.

This Able Veteran is a service dog organization that provides trained service dogs and a Trauma Resiliency Program to veterans suffering from psychological and physical injuries as a result of their service.

This Able Veteran additionally has pioneered anxiety alerts in service dogs, teach a PTSD Service Dog Trainer Academy to instruct more people on how to better train service dogs and have partnered with Clinical Outcomes Group and SIU Carbondale to study the efficacy of their work.

The organization first started doing business with Silkworm because of their familiarity with Silkworm from working on other projects in other capacities. Michelle, Vice President and Marketing Director of This Able Veteran highly recommends Silkworm.

This Able Veteran orders items such as custom designed t-shirts, hoodies and other branded merchandise for their events.

“Silkworm has quality products, knowledgeable staff, convenience,” says Michelle, “Competitive price and an ability to make quick turnaround when required.”

This Able Veteran organizes events to fundraise for their cause. In previous years fundraising efforts have included a variety of fundraisers including motorcycle runs, speaking engagements and t-shirt/hoodie promotions.

This Able Veteran continues to do business with Silkworm for multiple reasons.

“The products we receive from Silkworm are high-quality,” says Michelle, “The staff is easy to work with and the cost is comparable to any other place you shop for custom apparel.”

Our supporters have come to know that when we are offering an item, it is going to be a high-quality item. We have had nothing but compliments on the quality of merchandise we offer.

Motorcycle runs have been held by various motorcycle clubs in Southern Illinois including the Leathernecks MC. Last year This Able Veteran partnered with the Brotherhood of Old Bikers and the Illinois State Fair in what will now become an annual event for the Du Quoin State Fair.

This Able Veteran’s apparel promotion also connects with each of their veteran classes – custom designing a shirt for each class. The community has embraced it and t-shirts are sold in local stores, during one-day sales at various venues and online.

 “During the startup of our organization,” says Michelle, “branded t-shirts and hoodies presented us with a great opportunity to not only raise funds, but to promote the work we do and get our name known.”

As This Able Veteran became better known within the community, they started partnering with several organizations. The Rotary International District 6510 has become their most notable partner, supporting them financially and working hard by their side.

This Able Veteran continues to put on fundraising events to help the ever-growing population of veterans suffering from physical and psychological injuries as a result of their service.

 “The total cost of pairing one veteran with a service dog and providing them with our three-week Trauma Resiliency Program,” Michelle states, “is approximately $25,000. With 22 veterans taking their life every day, the need for programs like ours far exceeds the demand.”

The services provided are at no cost to the veterans, and This Able Veteran is supported solely on donations and what they make at fundraisers. This Able Veteran is a small group of Board members, staff and volunteers that share a passion: Providing hope to our veterans.

This year, This Able Veteran has even more opportunities and partnerships to raise more money and awareness about their organization.

This Able Veteran will host events like “Giving Hope” a benefit organized by Rotary District 6510 featuring Mike Bost and Christine Brewer, a 5K Color Run, 100 Men Who Cook sponsored by Old National Bank and the Third Annual Run to Remember.

Michelle thinks that the way Silkworm works with their customers in a collaborative way makes Silkworm different than other businesses.

 “It has allowed us to develop an ongoing relationship with them,” says Michelle, “They know what the mission of our organization is and work with us in designing products that help meet our goals.”

This Able Veteran can count on Silkworm to deliver in a timely manner, even on those occasions when the deadline comes quickly.

“The marketing staff with Silkworm have all been great to work with,” Michelle states, “It just takes a few emails and the process is complete.”

Michelle’s experience in organizing events for This Able Veteran allows her to give a few words of advice for those beginning to plan a fundraising event.

“An organization must be internally clear on their vision and mission for a fundraising event to run smoothly,” Michelle says, “It is important to set a clear picture of the organizational image you want to create.” She believes all of these need to be incorporated into all fundraising activities.

 “Silkworm provides the convenience of being local, but quality that can be expected from a business on a national scale,” says Michelle, “We couldn’t hope for better in any capacity anywhere – price, quality, convenience, product selection or service. Partnering with professionals, like Silkworm, that can help guide your efforts and increase your chances for success.”


Learn More About This Able Veteran  http://thisableveteran.org/
Follow the current class of service pups and events on Facebook: facebook.com/thisableveteran

View This Able Veteran’s upcoming events here: http://thisableveteran.org/about-us/events/