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Customer Spotlight: Start Seeing Pink


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The Student Center on the SIUC campus is a high traffic building on a daily basis. Beth Alongi, the Student Center’s Assistant Director of Marketing knows how important the Student Center is to the student body.

As well as serving SIUC students, Beth and the rest of the team are involved in many fundraising events around campus.

The Student Center recently worked closely with other campus departments to do a breast cancer awareness campaign in October. The proceeds went into the newly created Saluki Strength Breast Cancer Scholarship.

You can check out the Start Seeing Pink campaign at http://studentcenter.siu.edu/activities/pink.html

Just this past year, the Student Center and the rest of campus came together for the Saluki Strength cause.

“As a group,” says Beth, “awareness to our events becomes much more effective.”

Beth and the team understand how important it is to come together as a whole to get the best results.

The SIU Student Center has partnered with Silkworm for years.

“This is a testament to Silkworm’s quality of work,” says Beth, “as they try to keep our relationship a great, ongoing partnership.”

For the Start Seeing Pink fundraiser, the committee consisting of members from all over campus presented the idea of selling shirts and remembrance bracelets for the fundraiser.

Silkworm met with Beth and the team to work out all of the details of the online store.

“Because we’ve worked with Silkworm for years,” says Beth, “they often know what we need before we do!”

Silkworm is known for providing great service to all of their customers.

“They explained all the options,” Beth states, “showed us samples and really walked us through the entire process.”

When purchasing apparel for fundraisers and give-a-ways, the process can be very tiring. Silkworm tries to make the process much easier!

“Silkworm knows SIU,” says Beth, “They know our process, how to make sure we are compliant with our branding and really hold our hands through the process.”

Not only does Silkworm get the job done quickly, but they get it done correctly, the first time.

The process usually starts via email with Silkworm. Some opt for a meeting so they can see the different products and colors.

“At our sit-down meeting,” says Beth, “Cheryl brought in part of her team so they could give us all the details and explain the process of the online store.”

“Being able to have the customer pay online instead of having to collect from each individual was worth its weight in gold,” says Beth, “With a fundraising campaign of this magnitude, it took the stress off both the committee and the consumer.”

Silkworm gives the best quality and service to each customer. Silkworm does what it takes to make things right.

“There is a reason why we have worked with Silkworm for years,” Beth states, “the quality is unmatched.”

Customers don’t have to worry about being satisfied. Silkworm will make sure that happens!

“Anyone starting a fundraising campaign should call Silkworm immediately,” says Beth, “They will make your fundraising process so much easier.

Silkworm does its best to get to know your business and help make your campaign a success.

“This was our first breast cancer fundraiser,” Beth states, “but without a doubt, we’ll be using Silkworm again next year. They made our lives much easier.”

 Learn More About Start Seeing Pink Here or Check Our Seeing Pink Facebook Photo Submissions Here