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Employee Spotlight: Ian McCall


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-Ian McCallYou’ll find Ian McCall supporting Silkworm’s Sales & Marketing and other departments by helping his coworkers solve problems using technology and design. He has been an employee for 5 years and counting.

Ian’s new title as Interdepartmental Technician takes on many roles. When he has his Marketing hat on he design ads and product flyers. With his Sales hat on he creates order forms and special projects for customers.

When Ian is helping Administration he makes posters for upcoming Silkworm events. Ian is also one of our tech wizards. Without Ian and the rest of the team, we wouldn’t be able to take the next steps in making our systems more efficient, which in turn, makes the process of ordering easier.

“When something goes wrong with the network or server,” says Ian, “I get to put on my IT hat and troubleshoot that problem.”

Ian’s Silkworm story is quite interesting, his finding Silkworm was pure serendipity. After graduating from SIU, Ian was out searching for four-leaf clovers on campus. After finding several clovers and photographing them he went inside for a drink of water.

“When I saw a Silkworm flyer on one of the bulletin boards,” Ian states, “I knew I had found something special.”

One of Ian’s favorite part of his job is when he’s out of town and he spots someone wearing a shirt with a print that he designed.

“I love printing a shirt that I have designed,” says Ian, “I even get to print it with my own two hands (and a squeegee).”

Ian’s favorite shirts to design are for Silkworm’s Fish Week. He finds the freedom to experiment with different print locations and techniques very amusing. Ian is especially attached to the design he created last year for Fish Week. He drew a lot of his inspiration from M.C. Escher and his work with interlocking tiles.

 badattitudes“Last year’s Fish Week shirt is a great example of the collaboration that goes on at Silkworm,” says Ian, “The colors for the shirt and print were suggested by Cheryl. Bob helped me find the right composition for the print on the sleeve.”


Ian loves being a part of the Silkworm community.

“Walking in parades is always a fun way to reach out to the community” says Ian. “It’s pretty heartwarming to see the swarms of children lining up to get a hug or photo with Sezmore.”

When Ian is not designing, serving the community or squeegeeing, he likes to unicycle, find & photograph four-leaf clovers and tinker with electronics and code. Ian is even a late night DJ on WDBX 91.1 fm called “Unintelligible.”

“Unintelligible” is a late-night show where he plays songs with distorted, cut-up vocals and music from made-up and obscure genres.

Ian enjoys this type of music because it challenges peoples’ expectations.

“I play things like electro-swing songs that feel old-timey and modern at the same time” says Ian, “or mashups that splice together The Beatles and Jay-Z.”

Ian adds artistic and insightful pieces to the Silkworm puzzle. Silkworm enjoys providing a creative environment for all of its employees.

Silkworm employees come in all shapes and sizes. Each background comes together to form the Silkworm family. Every quality our employees bring to the table adds to the well-rounded service Silkworm provides its customers.

When asked 5 unique things about himself, Ian has many clever answers.

“My DNA, fingerprints, iris patterns,” says McCall, “my gait and my vocal harmonics are pretty unique.”

“Some people call me the Wizard,” says Ian.

Part of Ian’s job is working on the new Silkworm website where he works his coding magic.

Ian’s work ethic is best described by the song Technologic by Daft Punk.

“When I’m in the car by myself,” Ian states, “I think about how loud I can turn up the music before I start getting dirty looks from other drivers.”

If Ian could be anyone else dead or alive, he would be Richard Feynman.

“Feynman’s life would be interesting to relive,” states Ian, “He worked in the Manhattan Project, developed Nobel Prize winning theories about quantum physics and played the bongos. Sounds fun!”

Silkworm’s employees have a serve-the-customer mindset, unique qualities and helpful attitudes.

“My goal is to help enable everyone to be more productive,” says Ian, “And to make their jobs easier by designing documents and technological solutions to their problems.”