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Customer Spotlight: Denise McDowell


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The Murphysboro Apple Festival is an event that Southern Illinoisans look forward to every September.  Over 45,000 people attend this event each year.

The Festival’s Grand Parade features 25 local marching bands as well a variety of groups and organizations.  The Parade is considered to be one of the largest parades in Southern Illinois.

Denise McDowell works with the Murphysboro Apple Festival Emporium where t-shirts, sweatshirts and other apple-themed souvenirs are sold.

The Apple Festival Emporium sits in the midst of the carnival area, where you can find many items that serve as reminders of the great time you had at the Festival each year.

The 2015 Apple Festival starts on September 16th and will run through the 19th.  There are numerous events such as the Golf Pro-Am, Queen’s Tea, Window Display Contest, Gospel Sing and many more.

Denise and her team have been purchasing t-shirts and other promotional products from Silkworm for 15 plus years.  The Apple Festival and Silkworm have a long term, continuing relationship.

The Annual Apple Festival is the perfect opportunity to engage the people of Southern Illinois and Silkworm takes great pride in participating in the festival each year.

“We chose Silkworm,” Denise states, “because it is a local business and supporter of the Apple Festival.”

Silkworm has been a part of the Apple Festival since 1981, actively involved in the Apple Butter and Apple Pie Contest every year. Silkworm provides participant gifts for this event. Last year Silkworm provided custom tea towels and the participants loved them.

Denise works closely with is VP of Sales and Marketing, Cheryl Endres every year.

“I work with Cheryl to get the designs for our posters, t-shirts, sweatshirts and other souvenirs” Denise states.

AppleFestPoster2014Silkworm helps Denise and her team brainstorm five or six new adult designs, in addition to the theme shirts and three or four new children t-shirt designs.  Silkworm works closely with Denise to make sure each year’s designs are unique and fresh.

Silkworm’s goal is providing quality orders, delivered on time with awesome customer service.

Denise meets with Cheryl every July to review the proposed designs.  “Once we have agreed on the designs and they have been approved orders are placed and delivered to the Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce in plenty of time to sell at the Apple Festival” states Denise.

Denise believes Silkworm has a very easy, streamlined ordering process.  The process begins and ends with quality checks to ensure that the order is done correctly.

Silkworm customizes every order to ensure that the customer’s specific needs are met.  Denise and her team always feel taken care of when leaving Silkworm.

“Silkworm is great to work with,” Denise states, “and always provides high quality products at a very reasonable price.”


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