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Top Reasons to Buy Custom Shirts


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If you look around when you are out and about, you’ve seen custom shirts for just about any event, business and group you can possibly imagine. Everyone loves custom shirts, people literally go crazy over them. There are many reasons to invest in custom shirts…they serve as a walking billboard so why not?

With that being said, there are some “best practices” for promotional shirts.

  • Have a great design that is unique to your message.
  • Bright graphics on solid colors are great for appealing to large groups.
  • The softer, the better. The goal is for people to want to wear your shirt.
  • Use Trending Brands to encourage social sharing (Check out #ComfortColors and #District Threads on Instagram or Twitter.)

We get orders for just about every occasion you can think of so we compiled a list of the top reasons to buy custom shirts.

Promote Your Business or Organization

As previously stated, people love custom shirts and anyone that wears your shirt becomes a walking billboard for your business. Custom shirt giveaways are an excellent way to promote your business and a way for your customers to show support for your business.

Best Practices for professional organization or business shirts

  • The message should be a positive and neutral.
  • Use your full logo, tagline and web address so people can find out more.
  • For better ROI, make the shirt part of a campaign with an end goal.
  • Get samples of t-shirt materials and pass them around for a “comfort” read.
  • Always keep your message positive to reflect your brand in a positive manner.
  • Have Employees wear custom business tees when out in the community.
  • Use your custom shirts for Social Media contests to boost engagement.

Show Your Team Spirit

You aren’t going to go to a school event without a shirt with your team logo, name and colors displayed proudly. Team spirit shirts are everywhere, how many t-shirts do you have with your alma mater? We don’t just wear our custom team shirts during sports seasons, we wear them year round to let everyone know where we stand, we take pride in where we came from and want to put it on display. Custom t-shirts for a school event or organization can help you ramp up attendance, involvement and excitement. We are talking school carnivals, welcome back, graduation, teams, organizations, competitions, even dances.

Best Practices for Spirit Wear

  • Include the school name, the date, and the title of the event.
  • Ask Students to help design the shirts.
  • Include the school’s logo, mascot, and motto.
  • Keep the message positive and the language clean.
  • If you plan to sell the shirts, keep costs minimal.
  • Have shirts available for giveaway or sale at all events.
  • Think outside “t-shirts” and appeal to alumni and professionals with Polos, Pullovers, and jackets.

Events and Trade Shows

Have an event coming up? Hello, custom t-shirts! Even if you already have company or team shirts, you should have shirts specific to events to encourage participation, create awareness, promote your event and leave a lasting memory.

Event shirts turns your volunteers, employees and attendees into walking business cards, promoting your brand or event every time they walk out the door.

Best Practices for Custom Event Shirts

  • Keep your event attendee and weather in mind. You may consider a polo, long sleeve shirts, jackets or pullover shirts.
  • Include the event name, date, place.
  • Keep it classy. You will be appealing to a large audience.
  • Have a custom design created that is unique to the event and incorporate your logo.
  • Consider Embroidery for Corporate Events.
  • If you plan to sell your apparel, keep costs low to sell more.

Band Shirts

If you have a band, you need people to know it. If you go see an amazing band you need to tell everyone you know and even people you don’t! T-shirts with your band’s logo are a great way to promote your band and have your fans show support. Sell your shirts after you play at different venues, or give them away as promotions to gain listeners.

Best Practices for Band Shirts

  • Include your band name, website and a rockin’ design.
  • Have a design created to reflect the style of music you play.
  • Step outside the box with your listener style in mind.
  • Don’t forget to give everyone in the band a shirt!
  • Use your custom shirts to encourage downloads and social media growth.

Parties and Reunions

From employee appreciation events to large scale family reunions, people want to remember the event. Screen printed t-shirts are a great solution for events of any size. Give everyone that attends a shirt, or have contests for event t-shirts to encourage participation and attendance.

Custom shirts also make a great way for your group to stand out and notice other attendees, especially if you’re going to a large public venue with other groups. Custom, unique, bright shirts are popular for school field trips in public areas to identify a child in your group, especially in emergency situations.

Best Practices for Party, Reunion and Trip Shirts

  • Make them bright and fun.
  • Include Identifying group details.
  • Get a unique design and color.


Need to raise cash and create awareness for your cause? Custom shirts are awesome for fundraising and you can set up shop at public places, share on social media, local events or create an online store. People like to show their support of causes they care about and are more than willing to make a donation to get a shirt and help spread the word.

Best Practices for Fundraising Shirts

  • Be clear about the message and your cause.
  • Provide the details of where the money from sales will go.
  • Keep the costs minimal, we recommend $10 t-shirts.
  • Tie in colors that relate to your cause and a design that represents the individual’s interests if the proceeds benefit a single person.
  • Consider an online store, participating pick up locations, selling at local hotspots and events.

Our account executives and coordinators love to help customers find the best product, color and design to find the best combination to appeal to the largest audience and get the most people wearing your custom shirt!