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Our Company Culture


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Company Culture can be your company’s biggest asset, it can also be your biggest liability. If you read business journals, you will know that articles about developing positive attitudes, and cultivating awesome company culture are dominating the news feeds. Company culture is just as important as business strategy.

At Silkworm we take company culture pretty seriously. We understand that our attitudes and the level of respect we show each other directly correlates to our customer service. Culture isn’t just a cheerful attitude, friendly conversation and a smile. Culture encompasses everything we do.

Flow charts and company rules are essential, but a strong company culture is more powerful than any written words in a binder. When there is a sense of belonging and pride within a company people take accountability for their actions.

So How Do We Define the Worm Culture?

  • Our Core Values
  • Clear Vision and Goals
  • Hiring the Right People for Our Team
  • Encouraging Wellness
  • Open Communication
  • Ongoing Development and Strategic Planning

The Worm Culture

  • Be Respectful
  • Hold Each Other and Yourself Accountable
  • Lend a Helping Hand
  • Always Think about the bigger picture and the team
  • Always Look to Create Partnerships
  • Be Active in the Community
  • Provide Feedback & Ideas to Improve the future
  • Deliver WOW customer service and performance
  • Be Open & Honest
  • Pursue Growth and Drive Change
  • Be Creative & Open Minded
  • Have Fun with It.