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Silkworm Buying Criteria


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Making the buying decision is not always as simple as “yes, let’s order.” Throw in buying for at least a dozen people, custom artwork and buying before you see the product and it’s easy to get stuck and put the buying decision off. We’ve created the Buying Criteria to set the bar to provide the very best in the customer experience.

Getting the standards of buying from any promotional products company, while raising the bar so high only Silkworm can reach it.

We set strict performance standards and hold each other accountable.

We always aim to deliver quality, service in a timely manner.

We compare apples to apples when ordering so that our customers know what to expect and we know we are providing quality products.

We sample promotional products: screen-printing, signs, embroidery, brand name products, pricing, and union/USA made products to insure quality.

We commit to the value of product and believe the buying experience exceeds the price.

Always provide the highest level of service, professionalism at every level, and communicate openly.

What to Look for When Buying Promotional Products

Offer the highest quality of products in all budget ranges.

Screen Printing


Promotional Items

Signage & Banners

Custom Display

Union & USA Made


We provide proven “customer satisfaction” and we strive to make the buying experience a positive one.

We believe:

Clients are advocates for the company

In providing our personal Guarantee to Honor product due dates, Meet quality control standards and Resolve customer concerns timely manner.

Professionalism at Every Level

We lead an Experienced and educated sales team dedicated to:

Personal Service: Listening to the customers’ needs and finding the best solutions.

Product Knowledge: Product availability, What new products are “hot” in the market, What products are available to meet a tight deadline and Research products for the customer

Market awareness: Events and activities in the community

Talented In-house Graphic Design Team

Our goal is to provide Exceptional customer graphics and wow our customers with our designs. We do this by:

Having set Graphics/logo management and control

Knowledge of use of graphics on products

Proficient Production

In order to provide product excellence we strive to hire talented and dedicated individuals for our team. Our Worm family consists of a Strong support staff and team mentality.


We are dedicated to clear and open communication. Information is provided to the customer throughout the buying process by Established systems for:

Order Acknowledgement

Art Proofing



Why Silkworm?

  1. Experience serving a wide customer bas
  2. History of honesty and integrity
  3. Appreciates all customers and treats them well
  4. Buying power

We are Large enough to offer best pricing

We use the Latest technology in equipment/training

We Re-invest in the company and employees

Convenient to do business with because we offer:

Extended and flexible business hours

Rush service and can meet a tight deadline, providing the same quality

Product catalogs and samples

Provide visual presentation to the “buying team”

Inside/outside sales staff

Flexible credit terms

Clear pricing system

Marketing products/programs/materials at no charge

Involved and supportive of the local union

Fun to work with and work for with a commitment to company culture