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Employee Spotlight: Billy Meyer


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Billy Meyer, purchasing agent and shipping & receiving legend has been with Silkworm for four years. When he was in desperate need of a job, a few of Billy’s buddies recommended Silkworm and boom, here he is four years later.

Billy’s favorite part about his job is the people he gets to interact with daily.

“I could leave here today having met Silkworm folk that I consider true friends” says Billy.

Silkworm is proud of its company morale and the people it employs. Silkworm wishes to continue making its employees happy, establishing great company spirit.

“When you work with people like that, it’s hard to ask for much more” says Billy.

Silkworm is a place where memories are made. With Silkworm’s many company outings and incentives, it is a place to work hard and play hard at the same time. Billy’s favorite memory was during FiSH Week. FiSH Week celebrates the FiSH philosophy: enjoying what you do, get everyone involved and making peoples’ day. Fun activities are planned throughout this week.

“I dominated almost every game and walked out with a thousand coins and hundreds in gift certificates” says Billy.

In his free time, Billy enjoys playing a little rock and roll, fishing and spending time with his wife and daughter. Silkworm is a great place to work because of its family-oriented attitude. Silkworm tries to get the whole family involved its activities.

Billy’s work ethic is best described by the songs, Eye of the Tiger and 2 Legit 2 Quit. He works hard to ensure great service and quality for every customer order.

“People call me Billdozer around here,” Billy states, “The tagline for my life is ‘The other white meat.”

Silkworm is a great place to work and have a good time. It’s never boring because of the employees’ many, hidden talents. Billy is no exception. He is a fourth generation man, can play a right-handed bass upside-down, is allergic to Alka Seltzer and he doesn’t have a Twitter account (pretty unique these days)!

“One of my ears is higher than the other” says Billy, “It makes my glasses look crooked, and it was always hard for the barber to get my hair even.”

Silkworm is an entertaining place when you get to talking to its employees. They love to have a good time and jam out to some Rock & Roll.

“Sometimes when I am listening to Annihilate the Hero, I pretend that I am their bass player” says Billy “We are on tour in Tokyo, and Japanese groupies are throwing themselves at us, carrying plates of sushi in one hand and Shunga Sakura ancient Japanese secret erotic massage oil in the other.”

If Billy had to pick two celebrity parents, he would choose Racheal Ray and Pee Wee Herman.

“I love my Quisinart girll/panini maker,” says Billy, “If you came over for dinner, I would serve you anything that could be cooked on it, or some Chef Boy-R-Dee custom pizzas.”