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It's Almost Fall Y'All


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Fall is almost here! As we unwillingly leave the summer season in the dust, think about how much we have to look forward to! It’s time for pumpkin flavored everything! This means that coffees, candles, beers, and just about anything else you can think of will all soon be orange and spicy, and we’re not complaining. The leaves are falling, our Southern Illinois parks are beautiful, runners can enjoy the outside without the humidity and football is starting! What’s not to love?

Cheering on your favorite team, whether it’s football, volleyball, or even sitting out at a local 5K race is something that makes fall so great! In order to not have to deal with the let downs of warm drinks that are meant to be cold, bleacher-butt, and the cool chill of a fall breeze, we have compiled a list of our favorite products to help you celebrate the best season of the year, as it should be!

Tailgates and Indoor/Outdoor Sporting Events are both essential parts of enjoying the season, and you always want to make sure that you have everything you need to pre-game like a pro! This season’s products will definitely help you get in the spirit.

Tumblers: Whether you are trying to keep hot chocolate hot, or your iced tea cold, tumblers are a great option for any outdoor endeavor. Keep in mind that a custom monogram or event name adds a nice touch when toasting your drink of choice.

Koozies: This is an easy one! An absolute must-have with any outdoor event with cold beer or soda! These can be made to fit cans or bottles, and with that cool fall chill, it helps with keeping your hands warm. No one likes warm brew when serving up delicious burgers and dogs! Add a bottle opener and you’ll make all kinds of new friends.

Coolers: Cold drinks = Happy People! In order to keep your tailgate going for hours at a time, make sure to have a cooler and plenty of ice on-hand. Of course, we all know that these aren’t just for drinks, but they come in handy for side dishes, fruit and veggie trays, and even snacks for the kiddos!

Seat cushions: Bleacher-butt is the absolute worst when trying to have team spirit. We all know that ache that starts in your lower back, and then slowly creeps right down to your glutes, towards the second half of the game. When that happens, we may even sometimes find ourselves cheering for the other team, in our heads of course, if it means that the game will be over sooner. It’s okay not to admit it. We know the truth! Whether you’re outside in a stadium or inside of a gymnasium, these cushions help you to stay true to your fandom until the last buzzer or whistle sounds.

Hoodies: The ultimate outdoor accessory! These are a quick-fix for when you want to look nice and be functional at the same time. On a cool fall day, hoodies are your best friend. Screen printing is the most popular way to create a custom look with a team logo and/or event name. After all, we do refer to Fall as “Hoodie weather.”

No matter what kind of event you’re a part of, custom merchandise can take your fandom from casual to die-hard in the blink of an eye. Call us or come on in and see what we can customize for you or your team/business. We can service all of your business needs, including everything on this list, and so much more! If you can think it, we can most likely do it!