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Get Your Spirit On!


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School spirit does not just apply to students, but also alumni, faculty, staff members, and their friends and family. A good mascot and/or team symbol brings a large community of people together for a lifetime. Think about what high school and/or University that you went to. Whether you had a great time or not, that experience is a part of you. Going to basketball and football games on alumni nights are great, because you get to see the former players from forty and fifty years ago, and you still see them in their spirit gear! It’s such a fantastic concept! When preparing your gear for a new school year, make sure you appeal to everyone!


Students who are still attending school have a unique kind of pride. It comes from being a part of the current student body, and still enjoying their time with their like-minded peers. It is a sense of togetherness that is fueled by everyone representing their team mascot together. Team spirit gear for students is usually best represented in the form of t-shirts! There’s nothing like a free or inexpensive branded t-shirt with the high school or college mascot on the front. Other products like koozies, towels, hoodies, and even cups or tumblers are a useful way to promote spirit as well. The student body is the group that shows their pride in the purest, most unconcealed way, so keep that in mind when designing your merchandise.

Alumni, Faculty, and Staffcarterville lions

When designing and providing spirit wear for a more adult crowd, t-shirts are a great plan, but it can’t be the only form of merchandise. Cater to their needs with other types of products like polos, office supplies, blankets, coffee mugs, etc. T-shirts are great for when they are going to the Friday night football game, a pep rally or even casual Friday, but for the most part, a more business casual approach should be taken. Price is usually less of a concern for the faculty, staff, and alumni group, than quality. This means go for 100% polyester polos over cotton, and provide heavier metal pens instead of only plastic. Letting people know who they are, where they came from, and what they’re proud of is where the pride stems from for this group, so something that keeps them looking nice, but puts them in their colors and with their mascot is a great direction to take.


In order to be successful this fall, you just have to make sure you know who you are appealing to. Students are more than likely after the cheaper options, such as t-shirts or koozies, while alumni, faculty and staff are drawn more to higher priced, better quality items. Regardless of the event or occasion, school spirit is a powerful factor in the purchases we make, so making the right choices for the crowd you are catering to will make you successful.