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What’s Trending in Promotional Products


Oct 19, 2015 In the Industry , , , , , , , , Comments are off

Promotional products are such a powerful tool for any business, and the great thing about them is that there are so many different items to choose from. There are also many factors that go into choosing the type of product you want to promote your specific kind of business.

T-shirts, magnets, and writing utensils are among the most common promotional products used, so in order to get your business noticed, sometimes stepping outside of that triangle is necessary. One of the main factors in choosing the type of product you want to use is assessing the climate. This means the temperature outside, the season, and even the latest trends.

Workout and wellness gear

With new wellness trends, such as Crossfit, Zumba and HIIT training, there are many people who are in the gym than there were ten years ago. This means that water bottles, Blender bottles, blinkers, reflectors, and even shoe purses. The beneficial nature of these products makes them more desirable. Reflectors and blinkers come in all different forms. Different ones are made to go on backpacks, shoelaces, and even on your wrist. It’s an interesting way to win over your active crowd, because they are awesome to use when exercising at night.

Phone accessories and chargers

Phones are an essential part of life! Nearly everyone has one, and they’ve almost become a secondary brain for a lot of us. Phone cases and charging devices, such as charging blocks, are not only great for business promotion, but they are incredibly useful. If you want to get products that are going to be incorporated into people’s everyday lives, then accessories that go with their cell phones and electronic devices are a great idea. Another trending item is the selfie stick. They have blown up over this year, becoming very popular with people of all ages. The pole can be imprinted with your logo or a simple decal can be put in place as well.

It has come to our attention that selfie sticks are being banned in many public places and theme parks, such as Disney World and Disneyland. They are being deemed a hazard; so instead, some companies are manufacturing selfie remotes that get around that ban. In the coming months to a year, this is a product that will become more popular. Why not jump on the opportunity while it’s fresh?

Bluetooth speakers

This is a fairly new popular item. It allows the user to listen to his or her music without worrying about wires. It is a higher-end product, but if it’s in your company’s budget, it is a great thing to offer. It sets a precedent for the quality of your business. This is not new technology, but it has become a popular item that adapts to any type of business. They are made in all shapes, sized, and colors, and that makes it an interesting and desirable product.

In order to make your promotional products do the work for you, be sure to do your homework and make good decisions when it comes to the climate of the moment. To sum this up in one sentence, don’t be the person who gives out ice scrapers in the middle of July.