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Tis the Season for Community


Nov 23, 2015 In the Industry , , , , , , , , Comments are off

Tis the season for giving. But you should be charitable during more than just the holiday season. It’s almost expected that companies, no matter the size, do something to help the community between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s what you do in the “off season” that can make a huge impact and benefit more than the charity you’re reaching out to.

When a plan is put together and executed properly, coming up with a community initiative can boost your business in a number of ways. Not only are you helping someone in need, but also your brand shines in the public’s eye and morale among employees can get a boost.

Make sure the initiative you’re launching fits with your brand. While any effort to give back is generally appreciated, ones that make sense to customers and the public at large tend to be even more successful. A few examples include a restaurant supporting a food pantry in the community or a bookstore getting behind a literacy campaign.

As the boss, be the driving force behind the campaign. It’s important that you get all your employees and staff members on board with the effort. They’re more likely to get to be supportive of the plan if the management team is enthusiastic about the cause. Educate yourself and those around you about the group you’re supporting. Showing true passion will convince others to help.

Once your staff is on board and a plan is in place, let the media know. Everyone likes hearing about good news in his or her community. Newspapers, TV stations and radio stations often send out a crew to cover such events, especially those in a small town. Send a press release and give the journalists ample notice to cover the event. While the act of charity is the most important factor, you can’t minimize the importance of potential benefits to your brand as well.

Silkworm makes it a priority to support the communities we serve.

Happy Holidays. We are thankful for you.