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Tis' the Season for Giving: Gifts for Winter


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ugly sweater‘Tis the season to put your body to the test! To be blunt, it’s cold; darn cold. You can’t just “wing it” in the winter, so we have come up with a few products that will help you and your customers through this trying time.


Winter hats are a must-have during this cold season. When deciding on a hat, two factors that are important are style and functionality. No one wants a hat that’s cute, but doesn’t keep your head warm, or one that is very warm, but makes you look weird. Fleece, knit styles, and even heavy cotton are good options when it comes to picking something warm. If you’re looking to buy hats for a corporate event or for a large group of employees, then check out Cap America’s knit beanie styles. Choose your own custom art, whether it’s cuffed or un-cuffed, and even if you want a pom on the top. These caps are completely customizable. If you’re feeling matchy, they also have scarves that you can personalize as well.


Not everyone likes to wear gloves. In an office survey, only 33% of people actually wear them. There were many reasons why people don’t like them. Three of the most prevalent reasons for not wearing them are:
Not being able to use your touch screen phone. They get in the way of doing simple things, such as unlocking a car. They’re bulky and hard to get on and off, quickly. While these are all valid reasons, there are many solutions to these problems. There are special touch screen gloves that allow you to keep them on and still use your phone; there are slim fit styles that are good for dexterity and simple movements, and also fingerless gloves are good for quick removal. Whatever gloves you choose, know your body and what you like to know what pair is right for you!

Ugly Sweaters

Ugly sweaters are something that you either love or hate. There almost seems to be no in-between. In a country where Christmas spirit trumps all, ugly sweaters are a huge part of expressing that! Of course, they don’t have to be called ugly sweaters. If you get one as a gift from your grandmother who took three months knitting it, we advise you to NOT call it an ugly sweater. That would be referred to as, simply, a sweater.
Ugly sweater parties are very popular around this time of year. Whether it is a corporate event or a house party, it never hurts to be prepared! One fun idea to achieve the look of an ugly sweater is the ugly sweatshirt collection that we have at Silkworm. We print “ugly sweater” designs onto a sweatshirt and they’re good to go for any kind of event that you can think of. They’re also quite warm!