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Customer, Company, Department, You


Feb 15, 2016 From the Sales Team , , , , , Comments are off
“Customer, Company, Department, You” 

This is a mantra we’ve kicked around for a while and it sums up what we do. It all goes back to you, our customer.

When we make decisions, whether it’s with orders or marketing or anything like that, we start with the customer in mind. What will benefit you the most? What is most important to you the customer? How can we be the best help to you? All of those thoughts are the primary driving force behind what we do.

Next in the chain is the Company. After we create the best possible scenario for you our customer, the focus goes on what’s best for the company. Are we making the right fiscal decisions to ensure we are a viable company providing a great working environment for our close to seventy employees? We want Silkworm to be one of the best places to work and in order to do so we must focus on the company as a whole.

Then we get to the Department. We have several different departments within Silkworm that work harmoniously in order to offer the best possible outcome for our customers. When we make decisions, after we have exhausted the criteria for our customers and the company as a whole, then we look at the departments. How might we tweak a system for a particular department in order to provide quality products with awesome customer service?

Finally, we break it down to the individual, the last stop in the line. After we have taken care of our customer, the company, and then the department, it comes down to the individuals working to create the kind of experience that will make you our customer come back and tell your friends about us.

What all of this means for you is that our primary focus has always been and will continue to be you, the customer. Without you, we don’t exist. We understand that vital relationship and work hard to ensure it’s the best we can make it. Give us a try and see the Silkworm difference.