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My Favorite Promotional Product


Feb 29, 2016 , , , Comments are off

What makes a promotional product worth your budget? Is the value measured in the amount of attention you can draw towards your brand? Maybe it is the initial ‘feel good’ effect you create when handing a potential client a tangible object that will be around for a while and is, in most cases, “FREE.” Could the product’s worth be in the usefulness of the item you give, generating goodwill that will likely be reciprocated? All of these and more can be great reasons to consider when choosing the right product but let’s look at the usefulness aspect for a moment.

SafetyProgram-MultitoolOne of the more useful promotional products available may be hiding away in your home right now probably as you read this. It is in a junk drawer somewhere, most likely in your kitchen or perhaps under a sink. You received it from a service guy that repaired one of your home appliances.  Maybe you got it from that trade show you attended or picked up near the counter, as you were checking out, in a box that read, “Take One.” You did not give it a second look until Christmas morning, when your child opens that toy requiring sixteen AA batteries. You didn’t panic since you have the Phillips ES Series Tool that opens the battery compartment with ease, a task your normal size screwdriver would fumble with.

The ES tool is a familiar sight and a handy tool that is comfortable with spending most of its life in that junk drawer, waiting for the moment you need it. It is great for toys, small appliances and electronics and is available with many tool top options. Choose from or combine magnet, phillips, straight and hex attachments as well as 16 different barrel color options. Best of all, the ES Series Tool is easy on the budget, typically around the one dollar price point. While it may not be the most flashy promotional product, the ES Series Tool makes up for it with usefulness and it will be in the home for years to come.