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Community: Knock Hunger Out of the Park


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Knock Hunger Out of The Park is an event to benefit local food pantries in Southern Illinois by asking the community to donate non-perishable food items kicking off May 20th @ 7:05 P.M. and each Wednesday night Southern Illinois Miners home game. Food insecurity exists in every county in the United States, Southern Illinois counties have rising food insecure households due to the increase in poverty levels. Households with children face an even higher rate of food insecurity and everyday more families start to rely on local food pantries and organizations to meet the basic nutritional needs to stay healthy and productive. Our local food pantries rely on donations to help feed those in need. We are asking you to help end hunger in Southern Illinois for a stronger, healthier community. “A community that plays together, succeeds together.”  -Tim Arseneau, V.P. Southern Illinois Miners  Without the basic need of adequate nutritional foods, not only do those in need suffer, but the communities we live, work and develop suffer due to: an increase in medical attention needed because of the lack of adequate nutrition, developmental delays in children leading to additional needs for special programs, as poverty level increases, crime rates increase. Each Wednesday night game will be sponsored by a local business who has donated time and money to help end hunger in our area. Each game will benefit a local food pantry of the game night sponsor’s choice and will receive a $500 check in addition to any donations received. Thank our game night sponsors by visiting their locations and finding out more about their business. Fans that attend the game to cheer on our Southern Illinois Miners will have the chance to win social media contests, door prizes, t-shirt toss and other game night contests and giveaways. The [...]