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Stop. Logo time! Logo design is a cost-effective way to publicize your brand and company.  A great logo design can help you build enormous publicity for your brand. There are several factors that goes into designing logos; elements such as images, colors, fonts and layout should be cohesive and consistent in representing who you are and what you do.  Colors can make or break a good logo and our artists take great pride in creating different color options. Exclusivity is another essential element that a logo design should possess. Attractive images or signs can make a logo design famous and speak volumes about your company. 

  • Bold and Unique to Attract Customers
  • A Good Logo Will Stand Out and Tempt People to Buy in to Your Brand
  • Designs Can Change the Entire Perception of Your Company
  • Publicize Your Brand and Company


“Two years ago I called Silkworm, Inc. hoping to get some t-shirts designed for our Creamery. I spoke with Jacki for a few moments and she assured me that she would have her team work on some designs. By that afternoon, I had already received one proof from Jacki! I was very pleased with the rapid response! I knew I wanted to continue my business with Silkworm, Inc.” -Beth Marcoot, Marcoot Jersey Creamery



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