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High Standards and Happy Customers: Celebrating 35 Years


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Silkworm is celebrating our 35th Anniversary. What started out as screen printing t-shirts in a basement turned into a full line apparel and promotional product company with over 70 employees. We are proud to be the Heartland’s choice for custom apparel, promotional items, awards, signage, graphic design, embroidery and more. The secret to our success extends far beyond our quality products.   The foundation of our business, is and has always been, to produce quality orders, on time, delivered with awesome customer service. We have made it a commitment from day 1 to give back to the communities we serve through volunteer work and programs, donations and sponsorships. Our amazing team members are dedicated to getting to know our customers, your business and finding the best products to help make your first impression last. From classics to new trends, our team works hard to perfect our craft and provide you the best quality and best look to get you noticed.   Beyond products and services, and quite honestly, our most important pillar of success is our dedication to our company culture and our investment in our employees. We believe in creating relationships with our customers and are extremely grateful to our Silkworm advocates. We value a fun workplace that encourages our team members to be unique and grow personally and professionally. Our company culture is our brand and it’s the reason we are one of the best places to work in the Heartland. Choose your attitude, Play at work, make someone’s day and be present.   We are grateful for all the wonderful relationships that we have founded throughout the years. We are proud to give back and be active in our communities. We are excited to continue the traditions and build an even stronger future in the community that [...]

The Best Thing About Summer Camp


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Ahhh…summer time! If you run or organize a summer camp, the registrations are hopefully piling in and you’re getting prepared to provide an awesome camp experience. Every year thousands of kids come away from summer camp, whether it’s a day camp or sleepover camp, with lifelong memories. Other than the social, emotional, cognitive benefits of camp, kids come away with one of the most popular items from summer camp…their t-shirt! How many of you have kept you summer camp t-shirt until it ripped under the weight of your growing body and then kept them anyway? You can go into a thrift store on any given day and buy someone’s old camp shirt because they are completely and totally awesome. Not only do we design amazing camp shirts on the daily but our online design tool allows users to design their very own. Our design tool is super easy to use, has thousands of design elements and colors to allow you to create the perfect t-shirt for your summer (camp or no camp.)

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Silkworm


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Top 10 Reason’s Why You Should Choose Silkworm, Inc 10.)  Online Design tool: Our website has a design tool to help you create the perfect design! Don’t worry, our artists will perfect it before your shirts print. 9.) Social Media: You can find us and what we are up to on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or our website.  Every Monday we post a new awesome giveaway. Once a month we give away prizes to anyone that visits our location. 8.) Community Involvement: Silkworm and our employees are very active in the communities we serve. From Knock Hunger Out of the Park, to Relay for Life and as many things that we can fit in between…we love participating in community events. 7.) Transparency: We aim to provide clear, transparent pricing from the beginning to make sure you are aware of the fees and the pricing of your entire order. 6.) Embroidery: We can have your logo digitized to embroider on hats, coats, polo’s, jackets, bags and more! 5.) Promotional Products: We literally have thousands of custom products to choose from, we’re sure to have a unique product for your next event. Just give us a call and our team will gather items within your budget. 4.) Quality Assurance: Our quality assurance standards are high; we stretch, stomp, wear our products to create quality products that last. We have printers at each press to insure that your products are printing correctly on each and every shirt. 3.) Award Winning Graphic Design: Silkworm has won many awards and contests for our top notch graphic design. Our artists are fun, creative and work in collaboration with our customers and sales team to create designs that WOW! 2.) Awesome Customer Service:  We pride ourselves on customer service.  It’s never about the sale with us, it’s the relationship. We don’t want [...]

Repost: 15 Insane Facts About Promotional Products


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Usually, we don’t re-post blogs on this page but we ran across one article that was too good not to share. Natasha Heiberg | 3rd February 2016  The power of the promotional product can sometimes be underestimated. However, many marketing teams will attest to the wide reach and long-lasting impact that promotional products can have. Utilizing them as a part of your marketing strategy can be key in connecting with current clients and reaching out to future clients. To back up our argument, here are some insane facts you probably didn’t know about promotional products. 80% of consumers own between one and ten promotional products. That is a huge portion of the population that is open to accepting your branded items! Out of this 80%, 53% use a promotional product at least once per week. That’s a pretty high chance of active engagement with your promotional products. 60% of these people, will keep a promotional product for up to two years! Only 1 in 5 people will throw away a promotional product. Promotional products can increase your client base by as much as 30% In the US, bags generate more promotional impressions than any other promotional product. A promotional bag has six thousand impressions per bag! Top products are wearables, followed by pens/pencils, bags, calendars and drinkware! Branded drinkware can be more effective than an expensive radio or television advert. A study showed that 57% of people were able to recall an advertiser whose logo was branded on a mug. Only 32% were able to recognise the advertiser from their radio spot and only 28% were able to recognise the advertiser from the television advert. The logo on the mug created a visual impression, and vision is our strongest sense! The first known promotional product was a commemorative button used [...]

From the Sales Team: Everyone Needs Chapstick


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Borrowing a line from the infamous Napoleon Dynamite; Kip & Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Dynamite Hey can I use your guys’s phone for a sec? Secretary No. 1 Is there anything wrong? Napoleon Dynamite I don’t feel very good. (takes telephone and dials) Kip (making nachos on the other line) Hi. Napoleon Dynamite Is grandma there? Kip No, she’s getting her hair done. Napoleon Dynamite Ugh!! Kip What do you need? Napoleon Dynamite Can you just go get her for me? Kip I’m really busy right now. Napoleon Dynamite Just tell her to come get me. Kip Why? Napoleon Dynamite Cause I don’t feel good! Kip Well, have you talked to the school nurse? Napoleon Dynamite No, she doesn’t know anything. Will you just come get me? Kip No. Napoleon Dynamite Well, will you do me a favor then? Can you bring me my chapstick? Kip No, Napoleon. Napoleon Dynamite But my lips hurt real bad! Kip Just borrow some from the school nurse. I know she has like five sticks in her drawer. My favorite promotional item is the lip moisturizer ball from Hit Promotional Products. Customized Lip Balm is one of the best creative advertising methods for trade show giveaways, corporate gifts, and also works great at tourist destinations as Souvenir Lip Balm for people to keep with them and easily advertise your name to the world effortlessly. Plus when your “lips hurt real bad,” your business can be the hero. Personally, I use it every day and it is by far my favorite chapstick, which could very well be an obsession of mine. There are a few different color options for the actual hard shell that is on the outside: black, blue, fuchsia, lime green, red and white. It comes in a unique circle shape which I like [...]

From the Sales Team: My Favorite Promotional Item


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Of all promotional products available, one of my favorites has to be pens. I know they aren’t the “newest” or “trendiest” things out there. But they are an item that’s used. Over and over again. They are an item well worth your promotional product dollars. According to the Advertising Specialties Institute, the leading promotional products organization, over 50% of US consumers own logoed writing instruments. You probably have one in your hand or close to you right now. The average cost per impression for writing instruments is 1/10 of a cent. Think about that a for minute. So let’s say you bought a pen for .55. You would have on average, 550 impressions for that one item. Tied with bags, that is the lowest cost per impression in the industry! The reason? Pens are an item we all use. We have a need for them almost every day. And what happens to your favorite pen you picked up somewhere? It gets picked up by someone else and those impressions keep on going. But I do want to offer a word of caution before you go out and buy any pen. There are a lot of pens available to put your logo or message on. You would do well to make sure you are getting the best option for your money. Before I knew better, I had a customer that wanted the cheapest pen possible. Of course, wanting the sale, I found them the cheapest pen I could in the colors they wanted with the features they requested. Not too long after I ended up at the same trade show they were at and they were using the pens I sold them as a giveaway and enticement to sign up for more information. Soon after the show started, they approached me [...]

Employee Spotlight: Austyn Ridings


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Silkworm is known for being an exciting place to work, with many happy employees! Every now and then, it’s nice to take a break from the daily hustle to kick back, chat, and find out more about them! Austyn Ridings is our Employee Spotlight of the week. She’s a Herrin native Sales Coordinator who has been with us since July, and has graciously volunteered to answer a few questions.   Describe for me your most ideal work environment. “Coworkers who get along, and help each other without hesitation. Also, a place where the work gets done, but we’re still able to have fun. So…basically, Silkworm.” What is your philosophy towards your work? “Work hard, play harder.” What song best describes your work ethic? “Eye of the Tiger. I mean, I WAS a (Herrin) Tiger in high school.” What is your favorite quote? “Don’t try to understand everything. Sometimes it’s not meant to be understood. Just accept it.”   A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here? “First, why in the world is that a question? He’d probably be here to take me to lunch, and he’d say, ‘you want to go for some tacos?’” If you were to get rid of one state in the U.S., which would it be and why? “Maybe Washington, because it rains way too much.” If you had the chance to go anywhere on vacation, where would it be? Fiji, because the water is super clear, and there are great beaches…and beer. Also, I can wear a bikini all day, and it’s socially acceptable. On a scale from one to 10, rate me as an interviewer. Duh! Have you seen any of the Star Wars movies? No…but I do know that there’s one coming [...]

Tis’ the Season for Giving: Gifts for Winter


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‘Tis the season to put your body to the test! To be blunt, it’s cold; darn cold. You can’t just “wing it” in the winter, so we have come up with a few products that will help you and your customers through this trying time. Hats Winter hats are a must-have during this cold season. When deciding on a hat, two factors that are important are style and functionality. No one wants a hat that’s cute, but doesn’t keep your head warm, or one that is very warm, but makes you look weird. Fleece, knit styles, and even heavy cotton are good options when it comes to picking something warm. If you’re looking to buy hats for a corporate event or for a large group of employees, then check out Cap America’s knit beanie styles. Choose your own custom art, whether it’s cuffed or un-cuffed, and even if you want a pom on the top. These caps are completely customizable. If you’re feeling matchy, they also have scarves that you can personalize as well. Gloves Not everyone likes to wear gloves. In an office survey, only 33% of people actually wear them. There were many reasons why people don’t like them. Three of the most prevalent reasons for not wearing them are: Not being able to use your touch screen phone. They get in the way of doing simple things, such as unlocking a car. They’re bulky and hard to get on and off, quickly. While these are all valid reasons, there are many solutions to these problems. There are special touch screen gloves that allow you to keep them on and still use your phone; there are slim fit styles that are good for dexterity and simple movements, and also fingerless gloves are good for quick removal. Whatever gloves [...]

Tis the Season for Community


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Tis the season for giving. But you should be charitable during more than just the holiday season. It’s almost expected that companies, no matter the size, do something to help the community between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s what you do in the “off season” that can make a huge impact and benefit more than the charity you’re reaching out to. When a plan is put together and executed properly, coming up with a community initiative can boost your business in a number of ways. Not only are you helping someone in need, but also your brand shines in the public’s eye and morale among employees can get a boost. Make sure the initiative you’re launching fits with your brand. While any effort to give back is generally appreciated, ones that make sense to customers and the public at large tend to be even more successful. A few examples include a restaurant supporting a food pantry in the community or a bookstore getting behind a literacy campaign. As the boss, be the driving force behind the campaign. It’s important that you get all your employees and staff members on board with the effort. They’re more likely to get to be supportive of the plan if the management team is enthusiastic about the cause. Educate yourself and those around you about the group you’re supporting. Showing true passion will convince others to help. Once your staff is on board and a plan is in place, let the media know. Everyone likes hearing about good news in his or her community. Newspapers, TV stations and radio stations often send out a crew to cover such events, especially those in a small town. Send a press release and give the journalists ample notice to cover the event. While the act of charity is the [...]

What’s Trending in Promotional Products


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Promotional products are such a powerful tool for any business, and the great thing about them is that there are so many different items to choose from. There are also many factors that go into choosing the type of product you want to promote your specific kind of business. T-shirts, magnets, and writing utensils are among the most common promotional products used, so in order to get your business noticed, sometimes stepping outside of that triangle is necessary. One of the main factors in choosing the type of product you want to use is assessing the climate. This means the temperature outside, the season, and even the latest trends. Workout and wellness gear With new wellness trends, such as Crossfit, Zumba and HIIT training, there are many people who are in the gym than there were ten years ago. This means that water bottles, Blender bottles, blinkers, reflectors, and even shoe purses. The beneficial nature of these products makes them more desirable. Reflectors and blinkers come in all different forms. Different ones are made to go on backpacks, shoelaces, and even on your wrist. It’s an interesting way to win over your active crowd, because they are awesome to use when exercising at night. Phone accessories and chargers Phones are an essential part of life! Nearly everyone has one, and they’ve almost become a secondary brain for a lot of us. Phone cases and charging devices, such as charging blocks, are not only great for business promotion, but they are incredibly useful. If you want to get products that are going to be incorporated into people’s everyday lives, then accessories that go with their cell phones and electronic devices are a great idea. Another trending item is the selfie stick. They have blown up over this year, becoming very popular [...]