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It’s Almost Fall Y’All


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Fall is almost here! As we unwillingly leave the summer season in the dust, think about how much we have to look forward to! It’s time for pumpkin flavored everything! This means that coffees, candles, beers, and just about anything else you can think of will all soon be orange and spicy, and we’re not complaining. The leaves are falling, our Southern Illinois parks are beautiful, runners can enjoy the outside without the humidity and football is starting! What’s not to love? Cheering on your favorite team, whether it’s football, volleyball, or even sitting out at a local 5K race is something that makes fall so great! In order to not have to deal with the let downs of warm drinks that are meant to be cold, bleacher-butt, and the cool chill of a fall breeze, we have compiled a list of our favorite products to help you celebrate the best season of the year, as it should be! Tailgates and Indoor/Outdoor Sporting Events are both essential parts of enjoying the season, and you always want to make sure that you have everything you need to pre-game like a pro! This season’s products will definitely help you get in the spirit. Tumblers: Whether you are trying to keep hot chocolate hot, or your iced tea cold, tumblers are a great option for any outdoor endeavor. Keep in mind that a custom monogram or event name adds a nice touch when toasting your drink of choice. Koozies: This is an easy one! An absolute must-have with any outdoor event with cold beer or soda! These can be made to fit cans or bottles, and with that cool fall chill, it helps with keeping your hands warm. No one likes warm brew when serving up delicious burgers and dogs! Add a bottle [...]

Silkworm Buying Criteria


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Making the buying decision is not always as simple as “yes, let’s order.” Throw in buying for at least a dozen people, custom artwork and buying before you see the product and it’s easy to get stuck and put the buying decision off. We’ve created the Buying Criteria to set the bar to provide the very best in the customer experience. Getting the standards of buying from any promotional products company, while raising the bar so high only Silkworm can reach it. We set strict performance standards and hold each other accountable. We always aim to deliver quality, service in a timely manner. We compare apples to apples when ordering so that our customers know what to expect and we know we are providing quality products. We sample promotional products: screen-printing, signs, embroidery, brand name products, pricing, and union/USA made products to insure quality. We commit to the value of product and believe the buying experience exceeds the price. Always provide the highest level of service, professionalism at every level, and communicate openly. What to Look for When Buying Promotional Products Offer the highest quality of products in all budget ranges. Screen Printing Embroidery Promotional Items Signage & Banners Custom Display Union & USA Made Service We provide proven “customer satisfaction” and we strive to make the buying experience a positive one. We believe: Clients are advocates for the company In providing our personal Guarantee to Honor product due dates, Meet quality control standards and Resolve customer concerns timely manner. Professionalism at Every Level We lead an Experienced and educated sales team dedicated to: Personal Service: Listening to the customers’ needs and finding the best solutions. Product Knowledge: Product availability, What new products are “hot” in the market, What products are available to meet a tight deadline and Research products for the customer Market awareness: Events and activities in the community Talented [...]

Employee Spotlight: Kristen Bathon


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Kristen Bathon, a Southern Illinois native, promotes Silkworm through attending and coordinating events and provides day-to-day marketing and sales support as the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator for Silkworm. Kristen has been with Silkworm since September of 2014. “I wasn’t looking for a specific job because I still had a semester left at Southern Illinois University,” says Kristen, “but I had a contact at John A. Logan College that referred me to Silkworm, so I applied!” Kristen was very familiar with the Silkworm reputation and our involvement in the community, so she was excited to apply! “Silkworm is involved in numerous events and programs throughout the area,” says Kristen, “so attending the events would be my favorite part of my job.”     Kristen wants to be actively involved in the community. Silkworm allows her to do just that! Kristen also organizes tours of Silkworm to share our mission, values and services to different area groups. Kristen’s favorite memory at Silkworm was the RSP game night for Knock Hunger out of the Park. “It was exciting to see the community rallying together,” says Kristen, “Bringing in canned goods for United Community Pantry in Carterville, Illinois. Silkworm, along with RSP Heating and Cooling and the Event Partners exceeded our $5,000 goal, filling 3 Trucks with milk crates stacked high full of non-perishable items collected at the game and $1,500 in monetary donation. Knock Hunger has been a great event for the community and given a much needed boost to our local food pantries with donations and helped create a lot of awareness for hunger in Southern Illinois. The River to River Relay is another one of Kristen’s favorite events to support.  “At the River to River Relay we got to interact with all the runners,” Kristen says, “And set up tents with yummy snacks.”         Kristen loves to cook [...]

Community: Knock Hunger Out of the Park


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Knock Hunger Out of The Park is an event to benefit local food pantries in Southern Illinois by asking the community to donate non-perishable food items kicking off May 20th @ 7:05 P.M. and each Wednesday night Southern Illinois Miners home game. Food insecurity exists in every county in the United States, Southern Illinois counties have rising food insecure households due to the increase in poverty levels. Households with children face an even higher rate of food insecurity and everyday more families start to rely on local food pantries and organizations to meet the basic nutritional needs to stay healthy and productive. Our local food pantries rely on donations to help feed those in need. We are asking you to help end hunger in Southern Illinois for a stronger, healthier community. “A community that plays together, succeeds together.”  -Tim Arseneau, V.P. Southern Illinois Miners  Without the basic need of adequate nutritional foods, not only do those in need suffer, but the communities we live, work and develop suffer due to: an increase in medical attention needed because of the lack of adequate nutrition, developmental delays in children leading to additional needs for special programs, as poverty level increases, crime rates increase. Each Wednesday night game will be sponsored by a local business who has donated time and money to help end hunger in our area. Each game will benefit a local food pantry of the game night sponsor’s choice and will receive a $500 check in addition to any donations received. Thank our game night sponsors by visiting their locations and finding out more about their business. Fans that attend the game to cheer on our Southern Illinois Miners will have the chance to win social media contests, door prizes, t-shirt toss and other game night contests and giveaways. The [...]

Customer Spotlight: Denise McDowell


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The Murphysboro Apple Festival is an event that Southern Illinoisans look forward to every September.  Over 45,000 people attend this event each year. The Festival’s Grand Parade features 25 local marching bands as well a variety of groups and organizations.  The Parade is considered to be one of the largest parades in Southern Illinois. Denise McDowell works with the Murphysboro Apple Festival Emporium where t-shirts, sweatshirts and other apple-themed souvenirs are sold. The Apple Festival Emporium sits in the midst of the carnival area, where you can find many items that serve as reminders of the great time you had at the Festival each year. The 2015 Apple Festival starts on September 16th and will run through the 19th.  There are numerous events such as the Golf Pro-Am, Queen’s Tea, Window Display Contest, Gospel Sing and many more. Denise and her team have been purchasing t-shirts and other promotional products from Silkworm for 15 plus years.  The Apple Festival and Silkworm have a long term, continuing relationship. The Annual Apple Festival is the perfect opportunity to engage the people of Southern Illinois and Silkworm takes great pride in participating in the festival each year. “We chose Silkworm,” Denise states, “because it is a local business and supporter of the Apple Festival.” Silkworm has been a part of the Apple Festival since 1981, actively involved in the Apple Butter and Apple Pie Contest every year. Silkworm provides participant gifts for this event. Last year Silkworm provided custom tea towels and the participants loved them. Denise works closely with is VP of Sales and Marketing, Cheryl Endres every year. “I work with Cheryl to get the designs for our posters, t-shirts, sweatshirts and other souvenirs” Denise states. Silkworm helps Denise and her team brainstorm five or six new adult designs, in addition [...]

Employee Spotlight: Ian McCall


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You’ll find Ian McCall supporting Silkworm’s Sales & Marketing and other departments by helping his coworkers solve problems using technology and design. He has been an employee for 5 years and counting. Ian’s new title as Interdepartmental Technician takes on many roles. When he has his Marketing hat on he design ads and product flyers. With his Sales hat on he creates order forms and special projects for customers. When Ian is helping Administration he makes posters for upcoming Silkworm events. Ian is also one of our tech wizards. Without Ian and the rest of the team, we wouldn’t be able to take the next steps in making our systems more efficient, which in turn, makes the process of ordering easier. “When something goes wrong with the network or server,” says Ian, “I get to put on my IT hat and troubleshoot that problem.” Ian’s Silkworm story is quite interesting, his finding Silkworm was pure serendipity. After graduating from SIU, Ian was out searching for four-leaf clovers on campus. After finding several clovers and photographing them he went inside for a drink of water. “When I saw a Silkworm flyer on one of the bulletin boards,” Ian states, “I knew I had found something special.” One of Ian’s favorite part of his job is when he’s out of town and he spots someone wearing a shirt with a print that he designed. “I love printing a shirt that I have designed,” says Ian, “I even get to print it with my own two hands (and a squeegee).” Ian’s favorite shirts to design are for Silkworm’s Fish Week. He finds the freedom to experiment with different print locations and techniques very amusing. Ian is especially attached to the design he created last year for Fish Week. He drew a lot of his inspiration [...]

Employee Spotlight: Chi Robinson


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Chi Robinson, the Art Director and Art Team Leader at Silkworm oversees department projects and schedules daily art that comes through the art department. She writes clear and precise performance standards that assists the high quality of work at Silkworm. The standard is held high to assure great customer service. Chi oversees the designers and reviews their daily schedule to ensure a proper work load. Chi is a designer herself, working as a Mac technician as well.  “I started working at Silkworm in May of 1996,” said Chi “I have been with the company for over 18 years.” Chi is a resident of Murphysboro and always knew about the business while her brother has known Bob Chambers, President, for years. When Chi graduated college she searched for a design position and Silkworm made a great impression so she landed her spot as a wormer. Silkworm strives to be one of the best places to work in Southern Illinois. “I knew Silkworm would be a great fit because the high standards line up with the standards I hold for myself,” said Chi “I think it says a lot about Silkworm to keep its employees happy and excited about their work for so long.” Chi loves the fact that she gets to work on different projects every day. “Silkworm has so many different types of customers that it makes it very easy to enjoy each day of working,” says Chi “I’m fond of the new challenges that arise daily and I’m able to find perfect design solutions.” Silkworm is a company that does not stray away from the problems. Silkworm takes them on full-force with the hopes of fixing the problems and ensuring that it does not occur again. “We don’t claim to be perfect, but we try every day to make sure there [...]

 “Pay it Fur-Ward” Great Supply Drive


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Silkworm, Inc. will begin collecting supplies to benefit St. Francis Care located in Murphysboro, Illinois. Donations will be collected starting Monday, February 16th at 8 A.M. and ending Friday, February 27th at 6 P.M. at Silkworm, Inc located at 102 S. Sezmore Drive Murphysboro, IL. 62966. Donations can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Those who donate at Silkworm on the dates specified will receive a Saluki Plush Dog*while supplies last Supplies being collected: Paper towels Laundry Detergent Pet Safe cleaning solutions Bleach Dawn Dish Soap Trash bags Blankets Towels Antibiotic Cream USA Made rawhides Purina Dry Food (no dyes) Pedigree Canned Puppy Food Nylon Leashes Dog & Cat Food About St. Francis Care: St. Francis Care operates a facility in Murphysboro, Illinois, supported by volunteers and donations that provide animals with a shelter in which they can be housed, cared for or rehabilitated until they can be adopted by a human who will ensure their health and well-being for the rest of their natural life. SFC also provides veterinary care to low-income families. Our objectives are: To shelter and care for unwanted animals; To place animals through adoption in safe and permanent homes; To educated the community regarding animal care and welfare; To reduce pet overpopulation by offering a low-cost spay/neuter service; To provide veterinary care to low income families. For more information, please visit http://www.stfrancis-care.org or call (618) 687-2079 Contact To learn more about Pay It Fur-Ward, please contact Silkworm, Inc. Kristen Bathon or Racheal Hannel Office: (618) 687-4077 marketing@silkwormink.com