Interested in Having Your Merchandise Sold Online?

You want the convenience of offering an order form online but don’t want the headache of payment details and distributing orders, right? No problem. At Silkworm, we offer a temporary virtual store and order form made especially for you. You direct your customers to the site and we take care of the rest!

Why a Temporary Store?

  • Get Your Product Out without the Extra Work on Your End
  • Ability to Sell Products Without the Manpower to Handle the Online Storefront
  • Great for Selling Products Without the Need to Add E-Commerce to Your Marketing Site
  • Great for Big Events, Conferences, Fundraisers and More
  • Offer Fresh Designs and New Products

Current Stores:

“SIU Carbondale began an initiative to “Start Seeing Pink” – a campaign to bring breast cancer awareness to campus and raise money for a new scholarship called the Saluki Strength Breast Cancer Scholarship Fund. As part of our efforts, we worked with Silkworm to use apparel sales as a fundraiser by using their temporary online store. The online store was set up quickly and was easy to use by those purchasing our “Saluki Pink” apparel. Items were ordered and paid for online by each individual, then items were picked up by the customers from one convenient location on campus after online sales closed. The outcome was great – we had a total of $3,862 in sales our first year and we certainly look forward to using the convenience and worry-free option of Silkworm’s online store next year.” -Beth Alongi